It’s Not TMI Episode 7: Pelvic Floor Myths

Pelvic Floor Myths

In episode 7, Lisa Flanders Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist talks about the 5 most common myths about the pelvic floor. Lisa covers: Postpartum Dysfunction after vaginal and cesarean births weakness and strength in the pelvic floor Kegels

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Is My Pelvic Floor Weak?

Not all pelvic floor dysfunction is related to weaknesses in the pelvic floor, therefore, kegels will not cure all pelvic health concerns.

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Painful Sex

Stress has a unique relationship with the pelvic floor dysfunction. In our busy society so many people have stress and don’t even realize it. The pelvic floor operates just like any other muscle in the body and can hold stress and tension (much like when your shoulders and neck feel tense after staring at a computer screen).

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The Early Postpartum Period

6-8 weeks is considered the early postpartum period. Remember though, it took 9 months for your body to change and can take at least that long to recover (I consider the postpartum period to be one year). Be kind to yourself while your body heals.

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Exercise Review: How The Pelvic Floor Effects Athletic Performance

An athlete, by definition, is a person who competes in sports or games that require physical strength. By this definition, I believe every mother has an inner athlete in them. Help you be your best self From a young age, I was an athlete at heart, and luckily had a mother who supported my ambition to try nearly every sport possible. From pretending I was Elizabeth Manly in my beginner figure skating class to playing […]

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