Office Ergonomics while Working From Home

While this past week has been a big shift for many in numerous ways due to the recent declared pandemic of COVID-19. One of the biggest shifts comes from suddenly having to adapt your work environment from an office space to a work-from-home setting. I am sure many of you have not considered a home office set up that is good for your body prior to our new health climate. In my profession, I do […]

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It’s Not TMI Episode 7: Pelvic Floor Myths

Pelvic Floor Myths

In episode 7, Lisa Flanders Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist talks about the 5 most common myths about the pelvic floor. Lisa covers: Postpartum Dysfunction after vaginal and cesarean births weakness and strength in the pelvic floor Kegels

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Is My Pelvic Floor Weak?

Not all pelvic floor dysfunction is related to weaknesses in the pelvic floor, therefore, kegels will not cure all pelvic health concerns.

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