Is My Pelvic Floor Weak?

Not all pelvic floor dysfunction is related to weaknesses in the pelvic floor, therefore, kegels will not cure all pelvic health concerns.

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Painful Sex

Stress has a unique relationship with the pelvic floor dysfunction. In our busy society so many people have stress and don’t even realize it. The pelvic floor operates just like any other muscle in the body and can hold stress and tension (much like when your shoulders and neck feel tense after staring at a computer screen).

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Singing and the Pelvic Floor

I love to sing! Only when no one can hear me, which often involves a solo party with my iPod or belting out tunes to a song on the car radio (yes I am that person at the red-light). When asked what type of music I like, my answer is whatever I can sing along with.

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