April 3, 2019

Painful Sex

“I just thought it was supposed to hurt”

No, sex should not be painful!

If you do experience painful intercourse, pelvic floor physiotherapy can help. Often this is the result of muscle tension in and around the vagina and rectum.

Stress has a unique relationship with the pelvic floor dysfunction. In our busy society so many people have stress and don’t even realize it. The pelvic floor operates just like any other muscle in the body and can hold stress and tension (much like when your shoulders and neck feel tense after staring at a computer screen).

Can you indentify the stressors in your life? An important first step is identifying the trigger then making an appropriate plan to either cope or remove them. I personally cope with stress by identifying if it is real or percieved. Stress is very subjective and everyone identifies and manages it differently, one of my tricks is to ask myself ‘will this matter in a year’ and ‘how does this affect another person’. If it won’t matter next year and no one else will be affected by the stressor, then I try to not let it get to me (easier said than done).

There are so many ways we can cope with stress that is real. Start by taking 10 minutes a day just for yourself, take a bath, meditate or do some deep breathing exercises (thinking of long, slow and smooth breaths).

April 3, 2019